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Plant a Tree per member

New Members and CLEAN SNEAKERS

Each Member is required to wear indoor only sneakers. We keep our workout matts sanitary.

We will buy you sneakers

When a new member Joins on an Annual program, If they purchase a new pair of GREEN SNEAKERS, White Plains Fit Body Boot Camp will discount their annual membership up to $150.00 In other words we help you, to help the environment.  

Plant a Tree

We will plant 1 tree, per month, per member. So you work out, you get fit, you get healthy, you get a free pair of GREEN SNEAKERS and we will also plant a tree, for each member, each month.

Share the big news on Social Media

Share this news with your followers and lets all use more Green Products! 

Friends = More Planted Trees

When you bring a friend to join, we will plaint 1 additional tree, for each friend, each month.

That's now 2 (or more) trees for your membership, plus 1 for each of your friends memberships.